Reiki Level 3 – Jan 21, 2022

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Reiki Level 3

Usui Reiki Level 3 Course Attunement – You will receive an attunement to the Usui Reiki Master symbol, increasing the strength of your Reiki energy and enabling you to receive an even yet more powerful Reiki energy.

Reiki Level 3 Details

You are introduced to the Usui Master symbol which can be used for healing and for increasing the effectiveness of the Reiki symbols learnt at Reiki Level II.

You will learn how to make a Reiki Crystal Grid so as to be able to send Reiki to yourself and others after the Reiki Crystal Grid is charged.

You will create your intuitive chart by using stones, oils, and other items that you may feel Intune to use.

You will learn how to remove negative psychic energy from yourself & others & sending it to the light.

You will do a guided meditation

You will learn to do a Reiki Moving Meditation, to help you to change “state”.

You will have some Reiki practice time.

You receive a Reiki Training manual.

You receive an ART (Advanced Reiki Training) /  Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate, upon successful completion of this course.