Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini, often referred to as the “serpent power” or the “coiled energy,” is a profound and ancient system of yoga that delves deep into the realms of spirituality, consciousness, and self-discovery. It’s not just a physical practice; it’s a transformative journey that awakens dormant energy within us, enabling us to reach higher states of awareness and unlock our fullest potential.

What Is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy is said to reside at the base of our spine, coiled like a snake. Through specific practices, it can be awakened and guided upward through the seven energy centers known as chakras. As this energy ascends, it purifies and revitalizes our entire being, leading to profound spiritual awakening and self-realization. awakens dormant energy within us, enabling us to reach higher states of awareness and unlock our fullest potential.

The Practice of Kundalini Yoga:

Kundalini Yoga is a unique blend of postures, breathwork, meditation, and mantra chanting designed to awaken and harness this dormant energy. Its dynamic and sometimes intense techniques are meant to clear blockages, expand consciousness, and connect us to our innermost selves.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

  •  Increased vitality and energy
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • Improved emotional balance and resilience
  • Heightened creativity and intuition
  • Deepened spiritual connection and self-awareness

Beyond the Physical:

While Kundalini Yoga provides numerous physical benefits, it is not solely focused on the body. It’s a holistic approach that transcends the physical realm, guiding practitioners towards a state of pure consciousness, where they can experience unity with the universe and a profound sense of inner peace.

Embrace the Journey:

Embarking on a Kundalini Yoga journey is an invitation to explore the depths of your being, uncover hidden potential, and embrace a path of self-discovery like no other. It’s a sacred practice that has the power to transform lives, paving the way for a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Are you ready to uncoil the dormant energy within you, awaken your spirit, and embark on a transformative journey? Join us in our Kundalini Yoga class to experience the mystical essence of this ancient practice. Discover the power within and embark on a journey of self-realization like no other.


Oct 01 2023


9:30 am - 11:00 am

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  • Irene Pregl
    Irene Pregl
    Owner of St. Croix Healing Arts Center

    Irene has her masters Degree in Social Work and is a Master Usui Kuruna Reiki Teacher/Practitioner. She Also trained with Shamans in Peru and Shaman teacher Amy Willinski in the Green Bay area used drums and rattles to open sacred space and fire ceremonies. Irene is dedicated to balancing the mind, body, and spirit offering stress management through relaxing biofeedback, Usui Reiki, and sound healing.
    These practices help clients reduce stress related to health and emotional imbalances with the belief that physical blocks are connected to a person’s emotional and mental well-being. There will be an initial assessment of your current situation and health concerns.

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Sacred Direction



North represents winter and also a sense of trouble, hardships, and sadness. As winter is the season of waiting and surviving, the Cherokee word for North literally means cold. North is the color blue. The animals representing the North include white buffalo, moose, and bear. These animals are a reminder to be patient with the seasons.

In the sacred north direction you stand in your own light instead being bound by the roles that you fill.  Learn to live in gratitude to discover your true gifts by connecting to the collective unconscious.  Use ancient technique of soul retrieval to call back the parts of your soul that broke away due to trauma to create wholeness and harmony in your soul.  Included in this direction you will be making your own drum for journeying.

Sacred Direction



West represents Autumn and the final harvest as the end of a cycle. The West is black and it represents the death of summer’s cycle. The animals of the west include the beaver for teamwork to prepare for winter and the snake to remind us of how to shed our old skin for transformation.

In the west examine what you hold inside of your shadows and bring it out without fear of what may be discovered.  See how negative energies held in your luminous energy field affect your health and wellbeing.  You will learn how to map and release ancestral imprints and past life karma.  Learn to listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition so you can accept guidance from the Spirit World. 

Sacred Direction



South represents Summer and is a time of great abundance. The summer holds fertility, passion, growth, joy, and peace. The color is white. The animals of the South hold the lesson of strength, courage, and pride. The eagle with her keen sight and the wolf, proud to be part of the tribe.

You start your journey around the Medicine Wheel by looking to the sacred south direction by exploring the foundation in energy medicine practices.  In the south, the snake teaches you to shed the past, like its skin, so you can emerge renewed.  This act of releasing things that no longer serve a purpose keeps you moving forward in life.  Moving past old stories allows you an opportunity to write a new life story.

Sacred Direction



East represents Spring and symbolizes victory, success, and power. After a long winter, the renewed sense of life emerges. The color is red and it symbolizes protection. Red beads were used to call forth the red spirit for strong love relations, to heal from illness, and to pray for longevity. Animals of the East are birds in flight such as the owl, hawk, and hummingbird. Words are offered to the East so they may fly and soar with Spirit.

The east you will examine your life’s journey to see how the choices you make in life becomes woven into the stories of those around you. Learn to die consciously and be reborn to a life you create every step.  Explore the gifts Creator has for you and embody your Higher Self in your true calling.