Psychic & Intuition Development/Advancement Workshop

May 18 & 19, 2019 10am - 5pm CST

**There’s a few spots left!! Come join us!
Another class just added: May 18 & 19

This 2 day class will be packed full of everything you need to know or ever wanted to know in this field. Whether you’re a parent of a gifted/sensitive child, a healer wanting to further your abilities, or wanting to connect to your Authentic self and expand your Spirituality, or understand and manage your awakening gifts, this is for you. This will provide clarity on many levels for you, no matter where you’re at in your journey.

Psychic Medium and Energy Healer Stef Todd of Sun Feather Readings and Healing, LLC has put together a workshop-style curriculum that works for beginners to professionals in this field to explore in depth their natural gifts (you don’t need to know what they are, you will discover them in class), and Stef will guide you on many journeys and share many techniques, tips, numerous in-class exercises, and how-to’s in managing gifts, and how they all relate to our energy points (chakras) in our bodies, then applying them moving forward to everyday life and purpose.

Stef shares all her years in the field combining knowledge and wisdom as a paranormal investigator/researcher, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Metaphysical teacher, and mother of gifted children- she shares what she sees and how she’s developed her keen sense for helping others develop their gifts as well.

*We are energetic beings and what we create in our reality- health, wealth, thoughts, actions, etc., we’ll be learning on how many ways we create our reality and how to manage and take full control of it, and bring in exactly what we want.

Stef blends science with the metaphysical and relays the information in an easy to follow and comprehensive way that makes learning at any level a lot of fun and a very laid back and open environment.

Everything you’re taught you can go home and practice right away!

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover the natural gifts you have/further develop them
  • Spiritual hygiene
  • ADHD, Autism, Star and crystal children, Indigos
  • Spiritual side to depression, anxiety, mental health
  • Manifesting
  • Soulmates & Twin Flames
  • Leylines, vortexes, portals
  • Mediumship (Spirit communication)
  • Meeting your guides & animal guide spirits
  • Meeting your angels & guiding Light Beings
  • Psychic Protection & Boundaries
  • How to channel
  • Auras and the energy field
  • Accessing your control panel and managing it
  • Divination tools
  • Crystals and grids
  • Psychic Immune systems and energy functions
  • Chakras & subtle bodies
  • Soul contracts and Akashic Records
  • Empathic/Sensitive’s empowerment
  • Energy healing/therapy, how we already use it daily
  • Your soul path and purpose
  • Astral projection, remote viewing, past life progression, what chakras are and their major role and purpose in your gifts and abilities, so much more!!

~Please note some of these exercises explored in class will further develop over time with practice. 

2 full days of learning and fun $222.00!!

*If you’d like to apply for a partial/full scholarship, contact Stef at [email protected]